Days to Remember
12 January National Youth Day
30 January Martyr's Day/Non Violence Day
28 February National Science Day
8 March International Women's Day
22 March World Day for Water
24 April Earth Day
30 April Anti Child Labour Day
1 May Worker's Day
8 May World Red Cross Day
9 May Mother's Day
15 May International Day of the family
5 June World Environment Day
20 June Father's Day
11 July World Population Day
29 August National Sports Day
5 September Sanskrit Day
5 September Teacher's Day
8 September World Literacy Day
15 September International Day of Peace
16 September World Ozone Layer Protection Day
7 October World Animal Day
20 October U.N. Day
14 November Children's Day
10 December Human Rights Day
22 December International Plantation Day
22 December National Mathematics Day