Event date : 27 Aug,2021

Updated on : 27 Aug,2021

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Description :Presenting declamation has played a significant role in shaping the mind-set not only of big politician but also of young blood. Declamation helps the individual to bridge the gap between what he/she thinks and how he/she gives structure to those ideas. And major role it plays is, it provides the strength and confidence to students, in developing and for public speaking, so that they can speak unhesitatingly in front  of the crowd or any individual if required. Giving impromptu speech on any topic is best example of it.   To inculcate this skill in our girls, School had  decided to organise an intersection declamation competition for 10 th  standard on 27 August 2021. Surely they must have learnt something which would help them in their future and might have opened their mind. Thank you and God bless

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