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Event date : 23 Aug,2019

Updated on : 23 Aug,2019

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Description :A seminar was organised by the ABN school ,IIT Roorkee on “fun” damental talks on the Periodic table in the Mac auditorium on the occasion of 150th Aniversary of the periodic table of elements. The speaker was professor Arnab Bhattacharya from the Tata institute of Fundamental research, Bombay. The program began at about 9:45 with sir enlightening the students about the history of periodic table and behind it , many interesting stories about the contribution scientists. The most interesting being Demitri medeleiv’s. The program continued with the students from different school turning up with Questios , some really interesting ones. Which he answered readily. In a nutshell , it was great educational tour and students got known about so many new things.