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Event date : 18 Jan,2019

Updated on : 18 Jan,2019

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Description :On 18th Jan 2019 we went on an educational tour to IIT. We reached IIT Roorkee by 2:30 p.m. At first we went to the tinkering lab. The Tinkering Lab is a technical facility open to all the students of IIT Roorkee. Here we saw 3-D Computers and printers. It consisted of 21st century technical innovations for converting creative designs into actual engineering products. From there we went to the chemistry department where we saw different kinds of chemical reactions like freezing flowers with liquid nitrogen and then smashing them into pieces etc. from there we went to Physics department to see the Beta and Gamma Computers. At the end of our trip we went to the biotechnology department to see the green house where various plants can we grown throughout the year. Also we saw the plant cells in culture. After that we returned from our trip. This trip helped us to know about science and technology.