Principal's Messages

Sr. Jessy Mathew

Principals's Messages

"The best way to predict the Future is to create it". Abraham Lincoln. He did what he said : Created a tolerant, equitable America, without slavery. As students you need to predict your dream future by creating it. Dreaming about a bright future alone will not help; you will have to work relentlessly at it. That is what Abraham Lincoln and APJ Abdul kalam did. They not only dream but also made their every dream come true through tireless effort.

St. Ann's Senior Secondary School sets the path and provide an ideal platform and ambience for you students to dream big through education imparted to you. The school offers you opportunities for a best moral behaviour and strength of character through which you can March forward to the other side of the green pasture to taste the beauty of it and make better choices in life. You are to journey through the storms of infancy to teenager levels, to make the dreams you hold to a reality.

In his autobiography "Wings of Fire" Dr. Abdul Kalam says, "Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that does not let you sleep". So, keep all the dreams you have alive and live life with conviction and fervor. When we climb a Hill, a new vistas open which was hidden from the Valley below. If then, we rest passively on that Hill, no new perspective will ever be relieved. But if we act on the knowledge received and walk to the end of the Vista, then we shall discover that, still New Horizons open to the eyes and mind. May St. Ann, Patron of the school intercede for all of us to see the beauty of life and help climb the stages with the Moto “Truth our Endeavours”.